Dress Code:


Dress Pants, Khaki's or Jeans 
Shorts Dress, golf, Khaki's or jeans

​Polo or button down style shirt with sleeves, fold over collar.  Button down shirts may be worn unbuttoned if they are worn with a neat and tasteful undergarment. Button down shirts worn without an undergarment may only be unbuttoned one button below the neck button. Shirts should not be excessively loose or revealing.
Blouses or sweaters, Jackets can be worn.

Shoes: tennis shoes, dress shoes, crocks, sandals, boat/loafers & boots.


No pants with holes even if designer
No basketball shorts, sweat shorts or ones with holes, no short shorts
No T-Shirts 
No Tank tops,
** low cut/revealing shirts or blouses. This will be decided by TD if clothing is too revealing**

Shoes: No flip flops 

 **penalty for not abiding by the dress code is an automatic 2 game penalty each match you play in**

 **Not all events will have a dress code, it will be on the flyer the events that have a mandated dress code**

Rules of the Game will always be posted on the flyer and explained at the meeting. Most rules are from the BCAPL or modified texas express rules.

Tournament Rules:
If you prepay you do not have to be there during registration time. A paid entry is a guaranteed spot. I highly recommend that you are there for the players meeting.
You will have until your match is called to be present before going on the 15min time clock then you will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.

If you are paying on site then you need to be there before the registration closes. After the registration closes it will be the TD choice to allow you to enter if there is a bye and only if the first round is still in progress.

Forfiets will be inforced for players that are late or choose to leave the tournament area!
WE WILL NOT CHASE YOU DOWN!! When your match is called and  you do not show up, When your opponent informs the TD that you haven't showed up 5 mins after the match is called you will be placed on a 15 min time clock from the time your opponent informed TD. No refund will be issued if you are forfeited.  

You may also be forfeited for unsportsmanlike conduct. You will be given a warning first and next time forfeit your match, 3rd time you will be ask to leave the tournament. No refund will be issued. **depending on the situation you may be ask to leave the tournament without a warning**