Player Stats 2018
150 points   1st place
100 points   2nd place
  75 points   3rd place
  50 points   4th place
  40 points   5/6th place
  30 points   7/8th place
  25 points   9/16th place
  15 points   top Lady/Jr

  25 points for participation
  25 points for registering online
  25 points bring a new player/friend that         plays in the event

**Player of the year will receive a trophy and gift from one of our sponsors**

At the end of every year we will have an event for the top 16 players of the year. 1 top Jr & 1 Top Lady

Winner will receive a trophy, cash and a gifts from our sponsors.

Changes to the player stats
1st place 200 points
Player of the year will receive $500a and trophy & gifts from our sponsors if applicable.

Top Lady & Jr of the year will receive $100, trophy & gifts from our sponosors if applicable.